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  1. Review

    Beyond flavour to the gut and back

    This paper describes how food is sensed in both the mouth where it produces food reward and pleasantness that guides food intake and is sensed in the gut where it produces satiety and conditioned effects inclu...

    Mikiko Kadohisa

    Flavour 2015 4:37

    Published on: 29 December 2015

  2. Review

    Wine and music (I): on the crossmodal matching of wine and music

    For years now, wine writers have been tempted to describe certain wines in terms of musical metaphors and analogies. Until recently, however, it has never been altogether clear how widely shared, and hence mea...

    Charles Spence and Qian (Janice) Wang

    Flavour 2015 4:34

    Published on: 14 December 2015

  3. Review

    Olfactory dining: designing for the dominant sense

    The majority of researchers agree that olfactory cues play a dominant role in our perception and enjoyment of the taste (or rather flavour) of food and drink. It is no surprise then that in recent years, a var...

    Charles Spence and Jozef Youssef

    Flavour 2015 4:32

    Published on: 14 November 2015

  4. Opinion

    Where are all the synaesthetic chefs?

    With high-end chefs being increasingly considered as artists, gastronomy offers a new domain for our understanding of creativity. As several claims have been made about the link between synaesthesia and creati...

    Charles Spence, Jozef Youssef and Ophelia Deroy

    Flavour 2015 4:29

    Published on: 13 October 2015

  5. Research

    Aesthetic plating: a preference for oblique lines ascending to the right

    We report three online experiments designed to investigate how the visual presentation of a dish influences people’s rating of exactly the same ingredients. For this, participants were visually presented with ...

    Jozef Youssef, Georgiana Juravle, Lulu Youssef, Andy Woods and Charles Spence

    Flavour 2015 4:27

    Published on: 8 August 2015

  6. Opinion

    Music from the kitchen

    A growing body of scientific research has recently started to demonstrate how both music and soundscapes can influence people’s perception of the taste, flavour, and mouthfeel of food and drink. However, to da...

    Charles Spence

    Flavour 2015 4:25

    Published on: 15 July 2015

  7. Research

    Evaluation of aroma profile differences between sué, sautéed, and pan-fried onions using an innovative olfactometric approach

    Onions (Allium cepa) are widely used as a flavor agent ingredient in culinary preparations to bring specific cooked onion notes. In this study, three traditional types of preparations—sué, sautéed, and pan-fried ...

    Angélique Villière, Sarah Le Roy, Catherine Fillonneau, Fabrice Guillet, Hugues Falquerho, Sabine Boussely and Carole Prost

    Flavour 2015 4:24

    Published on: 14 July 2015

  8. Review

    On tasty colours and colourful tastes? Assessing, explaining, and utilizing crossmodal correspondences between colours and basic tastes

    Can basic tastes, such as sweet, sour, bitter, salty, and possibly also umami, be conveyed by means of colour? If so, how should we understand the relationship between colours and tastes: Is it universal or re...

    Charles Spence, Xiaoang Wan, Andy Woods, Carlos Velasco, Jialin Deng, Jozef Youssef and Ophelia Deroy

    Flavour 2015 4:23

    Published on: 8 July 2015

  9. Review

    On the psychological impact of food colour

    Colour is the single most important product-intrinsic sensory cue when it comes to setting people’s expectations regarding the likely taste and flavour of food and drink. To date, a large body of laboratory re...

    Charles Spence

    Flavour 2015 4:21

    Published on: 22 April 2015

  10. Short report

    Sensory taste preferences and taste sensitivity and the association of unhealthy food patterns with overweight and obesity in primary school children in Europe—a synthesis of data from the IDEFICS study

    Increased preference for fat and sugar or reduced taste sensitivity may play a role in overweight and obesity development, but sensory perceptions are probably influenced already during childhood by food cultu...

    Wolfgang Ahrens

    Flavour 2015 4:8

    Published on: 4 March 2015

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