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Table 1 Summary of shape symbolic associations with food and beverage products

From: Assessing the shape symbolism of the taste, flavour, and texture of foods and beverages

Angular shapes Organic shapes Study
Cranberry jam Blueberry jam Gallace et al. [33]
Mint chocolate Brie
Salt and vinegar crisps Regular crisps
Dark chocolate Milk chocolate Ngo et al.[34]
Sparkling water Still water Spence and Gallace [17]
Maltesers Rolos chocolates
Cranberry juice Brie
Sparkling water Still water Ngo et al.[37]
Dark chocolate Milk chocolate Ngo and Spence [34]
Solid mint chocolate Mint fondant
Tunworth cheese Lancashire Cheddar Spence et al. [38](unpublished work)
Keen’s Cheddar Stawley goat’s cheese
Leipäjuusto cheese
Bitter tastes Sweet tastes Dichter [3]