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Table 2 Summary of effects of aroma

From: Differential effects of exposure to ambient vanilla and citrus aromas on mood, arousal and food choice

Type of test Type of measurement Effect measure Effect Citrus aroma Vanilla aroma
Physiological affective measurements Heart rate Heart rate Stimulation/ relaxation X  
Physiological affective measurements Physical activity Energy expenditure, METs Stimulation X*  
Physiological affective measurements Response time test Response time Stimulation X*  
Psychological affective measurements Mood test (PANAS) Positive and negative emotions Priming and congruency X  
Psychological affective measurements Projective emotion test Positive and negative emotions Mediation of emotions   X
Behavioral measurements Food choice Cheese consumption Satiety X  
  1. * in young participants.
  2. Significant results are indicated by “X”.
  3. Summary of the effects of exposure to ambient citrus and vanilla aromas on the tests used in the present study.