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Table 2 Comparison of amino acid contents in dashi and various soup stocks

From: Seaweeds for umami flavour in the New Nordic Cuisine

Dashi or soup stock Glutamic acid
(mg/100 g)
Aspartic acid
(mg/100 g)
(mg/100 g)
Rishiri-konbu dashi a 22 16 1
Rausu-konbu dashi (traditional)b 100 60 7
Rausu-konbu dashi (sous-vide)b 145 85 20
Ichiban dashi c 25 18 4
Dulse dashib 40 27 25
Western chicken stockd 18 6 11
Chinese tang (chicken base)e 14 4 8
  1. aRecipe: 1.8 L of water and 30 g of rishiri-konbu. The konbu is soaked in the water, placed in a pan and heated to 60°C for 1 hour (K Ninomiya (personal communication) and [37]). bThis work. cK Ninomiya (unpublished data from the Umami Information Center). dFrom [45]. eFrom [46]. Note that the rausu dashi and the dulse dashi are prepared by using about twice as much seaweed per litre of water as that used for the rishiri dashi and ichiban dashi.