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Table 1 Summary of selected publications that have investigated the influence of changing various attributes of the environment on people's responses to food and drink products

From: Assessing the influence of the multisensory environment on the whisky drinking experience

Type of study Reference Participants, N Sensory attributes manipulated Type of study (laboratory-based or real world)
Unisensory [4] 206 (E1)a Lighting Real world
   143 (E2)a   Laboratory-based
  [13] 135 Lighting Laboratory-based
  [3] 250 Sound Laboratory-based
  [23] 849 Smell Real world
Multisensory [2] 62 Auditory and visual Real world
  [6] 46 (E1); 120 (E2)a Auditory and visual Realistic laboratory-based
  1. aSome studies had more than one group of participants.