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Table 1 Questionnaires used in this study

From: A taste of Kandinsky: assessing the influence of the artistic visual presentation of food on the dining experience

Questionnaire 1. It was presented simultaneously with the dish, and aimed to measure the visual appeal of the food and the participant’s expectations Questionnaire 2. It was presented after the participant had finished eating, aiming to measure different cues of the experience the participant had eating the dish and other general impressions
How complex does this dish appear to be? How salty was the food?
How much do you like the presentation of the food? How bitter was the food?
How much would you be willing to pay for this dish (in British Pounds)? How sour was the food?
Please rate how artistically arranged you think this plate is? How sweet was the food?
How tasty does this dish look? How much did you like this dish?
How healthy do you think this dish is? How much would you be willing to pay for the dish (in British pounds)?
How tasty did you find the dish?
How full are you after eating this plate?
Do you generally enjoy eating vegetables?
How many ingredients do you think the dish contained?
Do you consider yourself to be a ‘foodie’?
  How interested are you in the visual arts?