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Table 1 85 participants responded to the questions “What did you think of Campo Viejo’s Colour Lab? Has it changed your taste perceptions?” and are presented here

From: A large sample study on the influence of the multisensory environment on the wine drinking experience

Participant Did you like the experiment/experience? Tell us about your experience
1 A very interesting experience of taste and flavours. The lighting was like going through the 4 seasons and gave the wine a very different taste.
2 Absolutely. I now see why they make wine red.
3 Absolutely. Very surprised by changes.
4 Amazing experience (and I don't drink alcohol). Still don't like wine, But loved to taste and feel the difference as a scientific sensorial experience. And great to find I'm a supertaster. Great host by the way!
5 Amazing. Very interesting. Would love to know results!
6 Brilliant experience. Loved it!!
7 Brilliant! Was a bit sceptical but it works!
8 Brilliant!! Definitely changed my perceptions. Who would have guessed?
9 Brilliant, extremely interesting & something I had never considered.
10 Cool experience. Let’s me understand more how your environment can affect your taste buds.
11 Definitely. Fascinating experience.
12 Enjoyed it – Has definitely changed my perceptions on taste.
13 Excellent, enlightening experience, something to think about.
14 Fantastic experience. Really interesting. Changed perceptions completely.
15 Fascinating! Flavour/colour connection: The change was instant. How curious!
16 Good fun… Interesting to see how colour and sound changes taste and perception
17 Great & new ideas about taste experience relationship.
18 Great experience & really interesting. I am a chef - So always curious about new taste experience. Keep me posted.
19 Great experience. I didn't think the colour/sound would alter my perception as much as that!
20 Great fun! Love red lights. Brought out flavour of berries.
21 Great idea & lovely staff.
22 I think this is something creative and different and totally changed my taste perceptions.
23 I thought it was brilliant & really showed me the influence of environment to taste as well as difference in each person’s own taste.
24 I was mildly aware of sound and light changes but this has confirmed it.
25 I'm amazed. I thought for me drinking it was mood dependent. But now I think environment plays a big part too!
26 Incredibly interesting. I couldn't have expected such a different change of taste.
27 Interesting science behind how taste can be influenced. Thank you.
28 Interesting to see how colour effects your taste buds. Red is my favourite.
29 It was a fun experience. I have never tried wines like this before.
30 It was a great and unexpected experience.
31 It was fantastic, Thank you.
32 Love the event. Love the wine anyways.
33 Loved it. Great experience. Can't believe how much taste changed.
34 Loved it. Yes - An "eye opener".
35 Marvellous.
36 Never realised how much colour and music could alter my perception of wine.
37 OMG. Can’t believe it is same wine.
38 One of the funniest ways I’ve ever had to taste a wine! Well done Campo Viejo!
39 Proved colour and sound does and can change your perception.
40 Quite bizarre! Such different flavours!
41 Quite interesting. Thinking of changing my living room lights and taste of music.
42 Really a new experience. Between the 5 trials the flavour was completely different.
43 Really fun & interesting look forward to the results.
44 Really fun! Always loved this wine.
45 Really interesting experiment, love.
46 Really interesting. Defiantly change perception.
47 Really interesting. Maybe look at the shape of the glass influencing. generally super interesting
48 Really made me think about the link between senses & perception.
49 Refreshing experience and good for r&d.
50 Though provoking. Surprising.
51 Totally changed seeing how different environment changes the taste. Really good!
52 V. interesting, totally surprised by the influence of the surrounding colour.
53 Very cool, worth it! Yes very much so.
54 Very cool. Interesting! So many crushed grapes. Very, very cool :)
55 Very enjoyable yes defiantly noticed difference with/without sound.
56 Very good and amazing how colour changes taste. Would really love to hear results.
57 Very interesting - colour certainly did change flavour for me.
58 Very interesting – next time I drink wine I shall pay more attention to my surroundings.
59 Very interesting and unique experience.
60 Very interesting. Definitely changed my perception.
61 Very interesting. The taste definitely changed with the colour.
62 Very interesting. Need to always be in a red room.
63 Very interesting. Yes it has made me more aware of how environment affects taste.
64 Very surprised at the degree of difference colour change made. Less so w/sound. Thank you. V interesting.
65 Was very surprised at how I was affected by the colour.
66 Wow. Good stuff. Really enjoyed that one.
67 Yes – I knew it was the same wine yet colour changed my opinion on how much I liked it.
68 Yes - interesting to learn about taste buds and the wine was yummy.
69 Yes definitely. Don't know how but very good experiments. Good luck with results. So many crushed grapes.
70 Yes indeed. Fascinating stuff. Will paint all my rooms red now!
71 Yes very good. May introduce colour at my next dinner party.
72 Yes! Interesting. Will use info in future dinner parties.
73 Yes, amazing experience.
74 Yes, great idea. Interested to know study results.
75 Yes, I didn't expect to taste much difference but I did.
76 Yes, I didn’t know just the atmosphere colour could change the "taste" of a wine.
77 Yes, I didn't realise how visual taste was.
78 Yes, I liked the wine more with the music!!
79 Yes, it changed my taste perception. Interesting lab!! In all colours change the perception – taste.
80 Yes, it is interesting how colours influence our perception.
81 Yes, it was a completely different wine with the different colours.
82 Yes, loved it!
83 Yes, very good experience. Amazing how the same drink tastes so different.
84 Yes. Fascinating.
85 Yes. I'm getting different lights in my home.