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Table 4 Differences in cognitive structure between chefs of Japanese and French cuisine

From: Cognitive structures based on culinary success factors in the development of new dishes by Japanese chefs at fine dining restaurants

CSFs Chefs of Japanese cuisine Japanese chefs of French cuisine
1. Utilization of main ingredient texture Receiver factor Cause factor
2. Utilization of main ingredient flavor Key factor Most important factor
3. Utilization of main ingredient umami Key factor Receiver factor
4. Featured main ingredient Receiver factor Cause factor
5. Good pairings (complements) between main and secondary ingredients Cause factor Cause factor
6. Not too rich Independent factor Cause factor
7. Good balance Receiver factor Cause factor
8. Cuisine more Japanese (or French) in style Key factor Most influential factor
9. Elegance Receiver factor Receiver factor
10. Surprise Receiver factor Receiver factor