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Fig. 1

From: Cutlery matters: heavy cutlery enhances diners’ enjoyment of the food served in a realistic dining environment

Fig. 1

The three courses served in the present study. The appetizer, a Ploughmans, ham haugh & Isle of Mull cheddar terrine with apple chutney & sourdough crisp bread was plated in either an ‘offset’ (a) or ‘centred’ manner (b). The main course, a Seared Loch Etive sea trout with mashed potatoes, leaf spinach & caper, and smoked brown shrimp butter (c), was presented with different cutlery (either lighter, canteen cutlery or heavier, banquet cutlery). The dessert, a Treacle tart with clotted cream ice cream, was either plated on a square black plate (d) or else on a round white plate (e)

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