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Table 1 Summary of findings from scientific studies on the possible mechanisms underlying the auditory modulation of the wine-tasting experience

From: Wine and music (II): can you taste the music? Modulating the experience of wine through music and sound

Mechanism Explanation Supporting research
Crossmodal correspondences Correspondences between sound and taste draw attention to different components in the wine Spence [68]; Van Ee et al. [82]; Chiou and Rich [78]; Klapetek et al. [79]
Emotion Music changes emotions, which in turn change the drinking experience Pollatos et al. [90]; Heath et al. [91]; Smith [92]
Synaesthesia People experience sound-taste synaesthesia Sachse-Weinart [6]
Sensation transference People’s feelings towards the music are transferred to the wine Cheskin [66]
Crossmodal masking Sounds (especially loud noise) act to mask taste perception Yan and Dando [24]