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Table 2 Food and beverage items used in study, including preparation/serving protocols and oral sensations assessed

From: Variation in orosensation and liking of sampled foods with thermal tasting phenotype

Food groups Food or beverage product Brand and name Serving size Preparation Oral sensations assessed
Vegetables Asparagus Marque Europe’s Best Brand:
Asparagus spears
1 tip
v(~2.0 g)
Stored in freezer. Placed in refrigerator to thaw up to 24 h before session.
Served directly from refrigerator
Broccoli President’s Choice:
Broccoli florets
1 floret
(~2.0 g)
Brussels sprout President’s Choice:
Baby brussels sprout
1 sprout
(~5.0 g)
Sweet peas President’s Choice:
Small sweet peas
8 peas
(~1.5 g)
Milk products Skim milk Neilson Dairy:
<0.5 % milk
10 mL Stored in and served directly from refrigerator Sweetness
Low-fat milk Neilson Dairy:
1 % milk
10 mL
Reduced-fat milk Neilson Dairy:
2 % milk
10 mL
Whole milk Neilson Dairy:
3.25 % milk
10 mL
Table cream Neilson Dairy:
18 % cream
10 mL
Sweet treats Cranberry juice Ocean Spray:
100 % cranberry juice blend
10 mL Sweetness
Diet cranberry juice Ocean Spray:
Diet cranberry juice
10 mL
Textured foods Apple sauce Motts:
Original apple sauce
2 tbsp Stored in and served directly from refrigerator.
Plastic spoon provided.
Extra firm tofu Sunrise:
Extra firm tofu
½ cm2 Stored in and served directly from refrigerator Saltiness
Soft tofu Sunrise:
Soft tofu
½ cm2
Sweet treats Milk chocolate President’s Choice:
Milk chocolate
¼ square Stored in airtight containers.
Covered with Saran wrap until served
Sweetness Bitterness
Dark chocolate President’s Choice:
Dark chocolate 70 % cocoa
¼ square
Junior mint Tootsie Roll Industries:
Junior mint
1 candy Sweetness Bitterness
Menthol coolness
Salty snacks Lightly salted chip Frita Lay’s:
Lightly salted chip
1 chip Saltiness
Original chip Frita Lay’s:
Original chip
1 chip
Textured foods Crispbread Ryvita:
Multigrain crispbread
¼ cracker