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Table 3 List of the descriptors provided to participants in the UK and US (English) and France (French). The selection from the list established by [12] resulted from a preliminary pilot study.

From: The perceptual categorisation of blended and single malt Scotch whiskies

Descriptors (English) Descriptors (French)
Woody Boisé
Herbal Herbacé
Harsh Dur
Soft Doux
Butter Beurre
Malty Malté
Nutty Noix
Cereal Cereale
Supple Souple
Dry Sec
Sweet Sucré
Complex Complexe
Simple Simple
Rich Riche
Austere Austere
Thick Epais
Balanced Equilibré
Citrus Agrume
Peppery Poivré
Smoky Fumé
Spicy Epicé
Salty Salin
Peaty Tourbé